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The MAUHS School-to-Work Program is an ACT 77 initiative designed to assist students with their graduation needs.

Our program is aligned with the Flexible Pathways approach to learning, in which students develop personalized learning plans based on their interests, skills, and learning styles and then forge their own unique paths to graduation.

 I am overjoyed that I have taken this class. It has given me so many life lessons and experiences in such little amount of time which I am grateful for.

~Kaidin Gauthier, Grade 11

"My site has taught me to be patient, be clear with directions that you give, be serious, but make the time you have with someone fun."

~Taylor Dicranian, Grade 11

"It is a firm belief in our Recruitment Department that our best and most valuable employees have completed extensive training and work experiences. SVMC is always on board with assisting in the training of our future - not only for our organization, but for our             community and other communities."                     ~Susan Lewsey, Southern Vermont Medical Center