Sophomore Career Summit

The Sophomore Career Summit is a special event that takes place every spring. During this event, Bennington County tenth graders learn about careers that are based off of their particular interests. They then visit workshops led by panels of professionals who represent specific occupations within a broad career area. There are thirteen career areas of which students can choose from. 

The idea behind this event is to allow sophomores to look ahead, and build personalized learning plans that supports their curriculum which reflects on their individual interests and goals. This is another step in the process of assisting students with personalized education; to meet their goals in our rapidly changing workplace giving way to an understanding of the flexible pathways available to them. 

Throughout this event, sophomores learn about which high school classes to take, which extra-curriculars fit in their plan, what level of post-secondary education they will need; in addition to, what other training options are available to them as they develop a vision for their future career. 

Career Week

Career Week is an event organized by Workforce and Education and takes place at Mount Anthony Union High School. The event is held each year to allow students at Mount Anthony an opportunity to listen to career professionals and their path to what led them to their career. 

Career professionals are escorted to Seeds of Success seminars where they present on their chosen profession. Students gain and understanding of many professions which help them identify with a future career choice. 

Reality Fair