Student Spotlight


Caleb Coon is a senior interested in Graphic Design. This semester, he did a Field Study with White Rocks Design Studios in order to further explore the field and determine his future path. He said that this experience has confirmed for him the desire to go into a career of graphic design. After graduation, he will take a gap year to further his skills and experience and widen his network, and will then attend college in a Graphic Design program. He hasn’t finished the college application process, but plans to do so and then defer his acceptance for a year. His is applying for a paid summer position with White Rocks Design Studios.

Caleb says that working with Stephanie Calabro and Chris Bates has afforded him many new opportunities. He’s had the chance to learn a new program, CorelDRAW, so now he is well versed in that as well as Adobe Illustrator, which will make him more marketable in the field. “I thought it would be more computer-based, but I’ve learned that there is a lot more that goes into being a Graphic Designer than what I expected.”


“I like this class because you get to explore careers to see if you enjoy the career that you think you want. (Field Study) is better than other classes because you’re doing what you’re interested in. You get to shape how your class goes instead of just being told what to do. It’s not a class you can just mess around in, but it can help you if you don’t know what you want to do. You can try out jobs to see if you like it.”

Past Spotlights

Sophia Prandini, Vet Tech.

Will Peacock, Mentor