Community Partners

We in the School-to-Work Office would like to thank the following community members for their continued support, collaboration, and partnerships. Without them, these programs would not be possible and thanks to them, students have gained valuable experiences, developed civic awareness, and learned important work and life skills.  Agreeing to work with us goes beyond finding an empty slot for a volunteer or intern. It involves mentoring, creating new and enriching learning experiences, and providing valuable feedback to both the students and the program. This past term, we had three Senior Project students, 16 Field Study students, and 28 Community Service students. We had a really successful term with five students receiving job offers from their internships and one from their volunteer site, two students determined their field of study for college, others confirmed what they already knew they wanted to study, and still others who thought they knew what they wanted to do learned from their experience that they want to explore something different. Next term, we have nine Field Study and 35 Community Service students. These experiences are invaluable, and we greatly appreciate all that our partners do. We look forward to continuing our work together in the future. Thank you so much!

Abacus Automation

Anytime Fitness

Battenkill PT

Bennington Chamber of Commerce

Bennington County Sheriff Dept.

Bennington Elementary School

Bennington Free Library

Bennington Health & Rehab

Bennington Recreation Center

Better Bennington Corporation

Goodwill Industries

Hawk’s Ridge Veterinary Services

Hoosick Veterinary Clinic

Kimberly Farms

"The Community Service Program is an important part of many MAUHS students' education. I have always appreciated and enjoyed the students who have volunteered with me and look forward to working with many more."

~Ann Webster-Lang,

Mount Anthony Union Middle School

I made so many bonds with the kids that on my last day walking out of Bennington Elementary, I started to cry. I didn't want it to be my last day with those kids. I will never forget my little friends or what I have learned during this experience.

~Cheyanne Bushee, Grade 10