Student Presentations

Field Study Presentations

Field Study students present their semester-long experiences to community members, faculty, students and family. Each student's presentation consists of information gained through on-site experiences as well as research completed in the classroom. The intention of the presentations is for students to develop a clear understanding of their chosen field study and to effectively communicate that understanding to others.

Brittany Griffis, Animal Science, Fall 2016

Josh Karhan, Environmental Engineering, Fall 2016

Senior Project Presentations

Senior Project students present their semester long research project to classmates, teachers and community members. Each student's presentation consists of several assignments as well as information gathered independently by the student. The intention of the presentation is for students to gain knowledge on their research topic and effectively communicate that understanding to others. 

"It has been delightful for me to see the Community Service Program change over the years. It feels as though the quality has only improved and become very friendly for those of us who participate. It has been a rewarding experience for many."

~Pat Gibbons, Village School of North Bennington